Thursday, November 22, 2007

Waking Up in the Melberg House

I took the loooong 12 hour drive home this past week from New Orleans to Sumter, South Carolina to visit the fam. My yellow lab, Oakley in tow in the back of my Escape. He doesn't travel in the front seat like the rest of labs in the South because I am a safety my brother suggested I should.

My brother should know as he has two chocolate labs that are aloud to roam his Escape at will. Yes, we both have labs and we both drive Escapes....we must be related. Anyhow, I was thrilled to be sleeping this morning in my room with my super comfy matress and new bedspread Mom picked out for me, with my lab snuggeled warmly up next to me, when all of a sudden Oakley gives a low rumble of a growl. I knew instantly why. Jake, my brothers lab had entered the room and Oak needed to say this was his bed territory and not the young chocolate's.

Unfortunatley, Oakley got sick of defending his territory from on top of the bed and jumped down to better take care of the situation and chased Jake out of my room. Now most people would probably close their door at this point if they wanted to get more sleep. I however, have an open door policy with Oakley so he can go get water or run outside through the doggie door whenever he wants. This policy is not abided by from the two chocolate's however.

Next thing I knew paws were tumbleing down the hallway, and 105 pound Oakley jumped on my bed, followed by a 100 pound Jake and the followed by another 100 pound Miles. That was 300 pounds of dog in my bed with me and needless to say there was no room for Kirsten. I was squashed into the depths of the matress trying to bat at the dogs while they were trying to gain footing over my legs and stomach.

I finally yelled enough that they all of off the bed and raced down the hallway and by this point it was 7:00 on the Thanksgiving morning I was orginally planning to sleep in on. I trust everyone else got to sleep in on Thanksgiving morning.